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Behind Hanging by a Thread



Executive Producer

Donna Burke is a Perth singer, actress and lyricist who has lived in Tokyo since 1996. She has appeared in iconic games including Silent hill 2 and 3, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Metal Gear Solid.

Donna’s thrilling vocal “Heavens Divide” from MGS Peace Walker in 2010 cemented her status as a video game legend and in 2015 Konami commissioned her to reinterpret hits including “Snake Eater,” “Can’t say Goodbye to Yesterday” and “Love’s Theme”.



Composer / Music Producer

Nicholas Buc is a composer, conductor and arranger. As the recipient of the Brian May Scholarship, he completed a Master's degree in Scoring for Film and Multimedia at New York University, receiving the Elmer Bernstein Award for Film Scoring. He has composed music for film and television, with some of his work being screened at festivals and theatres around Australia, Asia and the US. In 2007 he was nominated for "Best Original Song Composed for the Screen" in the APRA-AGSC Screen Music Awards.


He is also a highly sought after conductor for live film concerts, having conducted Disney’s Pixar In Concert, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars: Episodes IV, V, VI and VII, the first six Harry Potter films and the world premieres of Beauty and the Beast, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Metal Gear in Concert. He currently resides in New York.

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Director / Graphic Designer

I am the owner of the Quatic Cloud YouTube & Twitter page, creating art and videos for Death Stranding, Metal Gear games. I’ve always have been fascinated with art and to always be as creative as possible. I would love for my work to inspire others to do great things.

Since I was just a small child about 5 or 6 I knew I was born to create how I would stand out from other kids who drew art at my age.

My dream is  to be a movie director and professional editor for high budget projects. I have evolved my editing skills through mostly self teaching from experimenting with the editing software and video tutorials.



Video Editor

Ray Arzaga’s curiosity led him into the arts from a young age. He pursued an education in digital media and later found himself working in photography, cinema, and most recently, voice acting. His passion for the art of movement reflects in his creative work and has earned him a reputation in the world of dance and circus. 

He was previously active in the esports and fighting game community, first as a competitor and later as an event photographer, allowing him to partner up with companies such as Red Bull Canada and Japan on several occasions. He has also worked with Apple and Nintendo prior to pushing for a more freelance lifestyle in the creative industry, allowing him to pick up newer skillsets such as UI design.

Ray is currently based in Montreal, and travels to Tokyo to spend time and collaborate with his fiancée.

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Special Thanks

Quiet of Metal Gear, actress, voice talent and singer. Special guest behind the scenes.



Recording Director

Recording Director for Hanging by a Thread vocals.



Content Supervisor

Content supervisor for Hanging by a Thread, filming for behind the scenes.

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